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Welcome to La Ferme des Chanaux

Try complete change of style and original hollydays with our country trailers in the edge of Haute-Loire !

Discover the Auvergne and its preserved nature, its white water from the Loire, the Arzon or the Allier, its vulcanic ground and its green landscape, a garantee for delightful hiking and rafting.

Let's taste local specialties, from green lentil from Le Puy and its Vervaine du Velay ( the liquor), to the hand-made cheese and other dry sausages.

Walk though medieval castle full of history and heroic deeds: Polignac, Lavoute-Chilhac...

In short, makes the most of your stay in the Roulottes de la Ferme des Chanaux, in living in very well conceived and fully furnished trailers, and taking good care of savouring the delicious foies gras and other terrines that your host produce in its farm.